About the project

SMS will deliver a novel automated networked system that will enable real-time in-situ monitoring of seawater chemical and ecological status in coastal areas by the detection of a series of pollutants. The compounds specifically targeted by the project are indicated as priority substances and/or “emerging pollutants” by the Water Framework Directive. They cover a wide spectrum of chemicals that have detrimental effects on the marine environment such as the algal toxins, the antifouling agents, the flame retardants and the pharmaceuticals that will be measured using innovative probes. 

Research Programme

  Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7)

OCEAN-2013 .1 “Biosensors for real time monitoring of biohazard and man-made chemical contaminants in the marine environment”


5.559.819 euros - Requested EU contribution: 4.144.263 euros


45 months – Start: 01.12.2013 – End: 31.08.2017

AliénorEU is the "Dissemination & Exploitation" Work Package leader for SMS

Tools and activities we have developed

          Elaboration of a logo

          Development and management of the project website and social media accounts

          Elaboration of dissemination material including a leaflet, posters, newsletters, etc

          Involvement of journalists – production of press releases, contact with journalists        

          Representing the consortium to relevant events organised by third parties

          Organisation of bilateral meetings with EU policymakers and stakeholders

          Organisation of technical workshops (trainings) 

          Elaboration of an exploitation plan

          Organisation of the final meeting in the EU Parliament