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AliénorEU: An indispensable dissemination partner for your proposal

To increase the possibilities of success of your project proposal, it is important to include a dissemination part in your project.

The dissemination task has been increasingly encouraged by the European Commission itself. Indeed, policy makers as well as stakeholders are in need of new, reliable and relevant data in order to draft new policies and address the most pressing challenges. Only a perfect dissemination of your project can fulfill this goal. Furthermore, dissemination towards policy makers will ensure continuity of the project after the EU funding.

With a perfect knowledge of the European Institutions and stakeholders and having great experience in working with them, AliénorEU will offer you the best opportunities for the dissemination of your project.


AliénorEU: A team of experts ready to integrate your proposal

Our strong knowledge in specific fields will bring an added value to your project proposal. Do not hesitate to contact our experts and strengthen your proposal.

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