Interest representation

Increasing your influence and visibility

It is important that your voice be heard and taken into account by EU policy makers, stakeholders and opinion leaders.

AlienorEU will advise and assist you in undertaking actions designed to defend your interests and promote your sector towards EU policy makers by offering you:

-          A lobbying strategy

-          A communication strategy

-          Meeting days with European policy makers

-          Organization of events at the EU Parliament and in Brussels

Expanding your network of influence

Building relationships with the actors involved in your sector at the European level will allow you to be fully prepared to respond to their arguments and/or to create strategic alliances with them.

Thanks to our wide network of privileged contacts and our language skills, AliénorEU will give you access to the most active organizations in your field. By sharing your messages with actors coming from different horizons such as companies, NGOs, scientists, academics etc., your voice will be widely heard and your influence therefore increased. These relationships will also be valuable for future European projects.

Representing you in Brussels

AliénorEU can host the registered office of your organization in Brussels and manage the logistical aspect of your meetings.

We can also represent you during events taking place in Brussels and make sure that your message is heard by the audience.