Informing you

Informing you and analysing EU and International developments

To react to the EU’s latest developments and anticipate future changes, you must be rapidly informed of the decisions and discussions related to your sector. You will also need all the tools allowing you to analyse them.

AliénorEU will alert you and send you targeted information on every legislative and political development regarding your fields of interest. We will analyse the consequences of these changes and we will advise you on the best way to act. Briefings, press reviews, reports and analysis of the events and EP Committees’ activities etc., AliénorEU will develop the tools that perfectly meet your needs.  




Analysis by AliénorEU:

The EU post 2014: political changes to come , (May 2014)

The European Parliament and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), (July 2013) 

Which priorities for the first Lithuanian Presidency?, (August 2013)