European projects

Guiding you through EU funding

Obtaining funding from the European Union is a complicated and time-consuming process. AlienorEU will monitor for you funding opportunities offered by the EU related to your activities. We will guide you through the development of your proposal and help you select the right partners at the European level.



AliénorEU: An indispensable dissemination partner for your proposal

To increase your chances of securing European funding, it is important to include a strong and relevant “dissemination and communication” part in your project.

Thanks to its extensive experience in collaborating with the European institutions and various stakeholders, AlienorEU offers you the best opportunities for the dissemination of your project.

The dissemination activity is strongly encouraged by the European Commission itself. Indeed, policy makers as well as stakeholders are in need of new, reliable and relevant data in order to draft new policies and address the most pressing challenges. This objective can only be achieved through a perfect dissemination of your project. Furthermore, an effective dissemination will ensure an ongoing political support to your project even after the funding ends and allow you to keep the final users informed about the progress achieved by your project.