Communication and events

Developing your institutional  communication

Transforming your information into clear and strong political messages will help you reach the targeted audience.

AlienorEU will advise you in your communication strategy towards the institutions and will help you develop and master the tools needed to implement it: multimedia communication tools (website, blogs, Facebook page, Twitter account), written materials (leaflet, poster, position paper) and audio-visual materials to maximize your online presence and reach your target audience.

Events organisation

AliénorEU will work with you to determine the type of event (conference, breakfast or dinner debate, field trip, exhibition etc.) you want to organize and the most suitable venue according to your needs, keeping a single goal in mind: making sure that your message be heard by the targeted audience.

AlienorEU’s team has extensive experience in organizing events within the European Parliament and has privileged contacts with a wide network of European decision makers. Therefore, we can ensure that your event will attract the most influential MEPs dealing with your areas of interest.

Furthermore, AliénorEU organizes field trips for policy makers to discover the reality of your activities.

We offer a variety of services tailored to your needs:

-          Logistics (venue booking, catering)

-          Strategic advice (agenda, speakers invitation, targeted audience)

-          Communication (event advertisement, live Twitter coverage, press release, report, etc.)

 All AliénorEU services are available in three languages: English, French and Spanish. On top of that, our staff can also communicate with you in Italian and Dutch. These language skills give us access to a wider audience. 

AliénorEU offers translation services for specialised studies and documents related to our fields of expertise from:

EN to FR

EN to ES

FR to ES

ES to FR