About the project

BALIHT develops a new organic redox flow battery suitable to work up to temperatures of 80ºC. Without the need for a cooling system, this innovation allows the battery to be up to 20% more energy efficient than existing organic redox flow batteries.

With electrification being one of the main pathways to decarbonisation, batteries have a key role to play. At every moment, the consumption of electricity must be matched with the generation of electricity, which becomes difficult with non-continuous renewable sources. Batteries are therefore crucial to store energy when available and release it into the electrical grid when not.

Research Programme

 European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program


4 098 552.50 euro


36 months – Start : 01.12.2019 – End : 30.11.2022

AliénorEU is the "Communication, Dissemination and Technology Transfer" Work Package leader for BALIHT

Tools and activities that we develop

         Elaboration of a communication and dissemination plan

         Development and management of the project website and social media accounts (FacebookTwitter and Linkedin)

         Elaboration of dissemination material including a leaflet, a poster, newsletters, etc.

Development of policy recommendations

         Involvement of journalists – production of press releases, articles, contact with journalists, etc.

         Organisation of bilateral meetings with EU policymakers and stakeholders

         Organisation of the final conference and support for other events (workshops, webinars, courses...)