About the project

The objective of the Agrof-MM project  is to train European agricultural  stakeholders in  agroforestry practices.  The project will give them the opportunity to  familiarise themselves with agroforestry, and to improve their knowledge of it,  in order to work towards the development of  agroforestry in the Mediterranean and mountain regions of Europe. The Agrof-MM project  both reinforces and completes the European AgroFE project, which ended in December 2015.  It thus widens the geographical scope  and improves the level of training of the AgroFE project,   as well as addressing  new stakeholders.

Research programme

  Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships


449 728 euros


36 month – Start 01.09.2015 - End: 31.08.2018

AliénorEU is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the results of the project

Tools and activities which we develop

     Development of a logo

     Development and management of the project website and its social media accounts

     Development of dissemination material including a leaflet, poster, and power point presentation, etc.

     Creation of a mailing list

     Development of a newsletter and editing of articles

     Press relations: press releases, maintaining relations with journalists etc.

     Development and implementation of a dissemination plan





     Training of trainers in Die (18-22 April)

 Latest News

     The innovative tools to be developed by the Agrof-MM project

    Successful final conference in the European Parliament for the AgroFE project

     The Agrof-MM project at the EURAF Congress






The AgroFE project, basis of the AGROF-MM project, organised its final conference on "EDUCATION IN AGROFORESTRY : Building today’s and tomorrow’s agriculture" on Wednesday 9 December 2015 in the European Parliament, in Brussels. Chaired by Ricardo Serrão Santos, Member of the European Parliament and organised with the support of Paul Brannen, Member of the European Parliament, the event brought together over 60 people.


Download the press release here

Download the report of the conference here

Download the agenda here



AgroFE Project: Building the agroforestry education at the EU level - Charles Burriel, Professor at AgroSup-Eduter Dijon, EU project coordinator

The professional referential for agroforestry practitioners : a fundamental tool for education - Stephen Briggs, BSc&MSc, Farmer - Agroforester, ABACUS founder

Development perspectives for agroforestry in Europe - Maria Rosa Mosquera, President of the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF)

The role of local stakeholders in the development of agroforestry - Fabien Balaguer, French Agroforestry Association (AFAF)

The link between education and research- Paul Burgess, Cranfield University