AliénorEU in charge of the Secretariat of the European Aquaculture Advisory Council

Thursday 29 March 2018

The Aquaculture Advisory Council (AAC) is an organisation created by the EU Regulation No 1380/2013 on the Common Fisheries Policy to facilitate the inclusion of the EU aquaculture stakeholders in the policy-making process[1]. It brings together the parties interested in the EU fish farming, shellfish farming, mariculture and freshwater aquaculture sectors. The AAC’s role is to provide recommendations on aquaculture management issues to the European Commission and the EU Member States.

The AAC is composed by around 60 representatives from the aquaculture sector and other interest groups - including environmental, consumer and animal welfare organisations. The representation of these sectors in the AAC Executive Committee is of 60% and 40% of seats[2] respectively. The AAC discussions are organised in the framework of 3 Working Groups (Fish, Shellfish, Horizontal Issues), the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The AAC receives financial support from the EU for its operations, but also depends on membership fees and voluntary contributions from Member States.

Since November 1st 2017, AliénorEU is in charge of providing the secretariat of the Advisory Council. The Secretariat is at the heart of the functioning of the AAC: it is responsible for organizing its meetings, keeping its accounts and ensuring a harmonious collaboration between its members. Cécile Fouquet, Manager of AliénorEU, has been appointed Executive Secretary of the AAC. The AAC Secretariat’s team was recently completed by a new recruit, Farid Safi. "We are convinced that by ensuring good working conditions for AAC Members and by supporting their initiatives with our expertise in communication and lobbying, we will contribute in our own way to the development of European aquaculture.", declared the team.

You can find more information on the website of the Aquaculture Advisory Council (under construction):


[1] EU Regulation No 1380/2013:

[2] European Commission website of the Advisory Councils:

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