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AliénorEU is a European policies' consulting agency. Our goal is to give you the tools that will allow you to influence the decisions that may impact your activities. AliénorEU, your key to Europe.

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24 February 2017
CETA: why and how did it happen?

by Elise Regairaz, Consultant in environmental policies

24 February 2017
How sustainable is the food on your plate?

by Gerben Schets, Consultant in EU affairs

15 February 2017
31 January 2017
Next EP RecFishing Forum event will demonstrate how important and easy-to-collect recfishing data are

by Cécile Fouquet, Consultant in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy

27 January 2017
EU strategy against food waste: shortfalls and a way forward

by Sofia Minero, Consultant in EU Affairs